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Rachel Vanoven eWorkshop Review


It’s hard to find the right online photography tutorial these days as we are spoilt for choice and it is hard to know if it’s the right tutorial without having to first purchase it. Rachel Vanoven eWorkshop was way more than I had expected.

I’ve had Rachel Vanoven newborn and family eWorkshop for over 12 months now.

The newborn guide is the most comprehensive newborn posing guide I have come across. I have attended other newborn workshops in-person as well as online tutorials. Rachel’s guide has been the most helpful resource by far. I NEEDED this guide to help me perfect posing and to give me the confidence in handling these precious little beings. The attention to detail is brilliant and for someone who is OCD at times, it dots the I’s and crosses the T’s.

I constantly refer to the written and video guides. The eWorkshop has improved my knowledge and skills on posing baby safely, editing, shooting at the right angles and making the best use of my light. If you are looking to improve your images, I believe this is THE workshop to get.


The family eWorkshop has helpful tips on how to interact with young children of different ages and what to do if the children are about to loose it! Rachel’s tips have been a life-saver – preventing toddlers having a total meltdown or that one trick to stop busy moving toddlers for a second to look into the camera! I LOVE her tips on filtering the sunlight for sunset sessions. This has dramatically improved the look and feel of my images. It gives you a great confidence boost for family sessions.

I love that I can re-watch the videos over and over to refresh my memory and perfect newborn posing techniques. A newborn workflow guide is included to assist in transitioning baby into the next pose. It does it in a way that is least disruptive to the baby, giving you a better chance of baby staying asleep/settled in-between poses. I often refer to it to remind me of the next pose I need to make.

Here are before and afters, after having the eWorkshops:

Rachel Vanoven eworkshop reiviewRVPBeforeAfter2
The guide also includes a private Facebook group for extended learning. The group has BONUS learning videos, picture guides and editing tips. Again the attention to detail and how Rachel explains the poses, is so easy to understand and follow. She has a way of “opening your eyes”, helping you see the mistakes in your work which in turn improves you as a photographer.

If you are new to newborn photography, you will soon learn that the photographers who inspire you with their amazing, breathtaking work – it doesn’t happen over night. These photographers have had many hours of practice. No workshop can instantly turn you into an amazing photographer without the practice – but it will definitely give you the right tools to get you there. Mistakes will still be made, we are human – but you will learn and grow from them.

Before I purchased this eWorkshop, I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d be getting the images I have today. This workshop includes years of Rachel’s experience, all the hard work and mistakes have been put on the table, no secrets – you can avoid these mistakes and with practice using Rachel’s techniques, you can achieve the level of imagery you dream of.

If you haven’t purchased the eWorkshop, without hesitation I FULLY 100% recommend it.  My focus is more Newborn, however the family eWorkshop is just as good and the attention to detail is second to none. It truly exceeded my expectations.


Head on over here to Rachel’s page for full inclusions on the Newborn eWorkshop or the Family eWorkshop.

As for the price? It is worth every penny. As I said before – it has been the most valuable resource for my family and newborn photography. This is the best investment I have made for my business.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope it was helpful.

Jess x


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