Services Available for Parents in Corangamite

Chances are you may not know about the amazing, fun activities and services available to you when you become a parent. It’s so important to know who is here to support you. I didn’t know all these services existed when I first become a mum.
This is why I gathered these resources. A helpful “one stop info page” with the services available in Corangamite & Surrounding areas. If you do not know about these services, how can they help you?
Here are some of the services available to you and your baby. NOTE: links provided in headings;

I’ve included this interview I had with Sheyne Rowley ‘dubbed the Australian Baby Whisperer’. I wish I knew this stuff before I had kids. This knowledge could be life changing. Go on do it, please read it, you’ll be glad you did x.


Fun, Play & Learning Programs

Ed Gym (Camperdown & Terang)

Is an active and structured gymnastics based programs for pre-school aged children which aims to provide an exciting, fun-filled and challenging experience for all participants. Classes are held weekly during the school term only and are not run on public holidays.

Sugarloaf Shakers (Camperdown)

Is a community based music and literacy program for children aged four and under. Research has shown that children who know nursery rhymes have increased phonemic awareness and develop literacy skills more rapidly. Programs like this are offered at libraries nationwide in Australia.

Jammin Dance Works – Mini Movers (Camperdown)

Is a program specifically tailored for pre-schoolers aged from 6 moths to 5 years. Children are treated to music full of rhymes and sing alongs with a dance instructor. The children’s excitement is ignited with the use of waving flags, rolling balls and playing musical instruments.

Family Day Care

When needing someone to care for your child, the Corangamite shire offers a variety of family day care in the Corangamite region including in-venue day care and in-home day care. Family Day Care encourages the nurturing of close relationships between educators and families that help children in all areas of their development, most particularly with self esteem and community connection.

Banana Splits Childcare Centre (Camperdown)

Needing someone to care for your child? Banana Splits a privately own facility, offers care for babies to pre-schoolers during business hours. Banana Splits is located in Camperdown. The Centre offers wonderful facilities and learning activities for your child. For further information contact the centre on 5593 2392.

Mobile Child Care

Mobile Child Care is designed to provide quality child care to rural areas and towns within the Corangamite region . . . from the coastal town of Port Campbell, through the strong dairying communities of Ecklin, Glenormiston and The Sisters, to the pastoral and cropping region of Derrinallum, Lismore, Skipton and Lake Bolac, and has been operating since 1992.

Qualified and trained educators deliver the child care service, which is coordinated by Corangamite Shire.  The planned programs offer active and flexible learning, and social opportunities for children from 6 months to 6 years of age.

Camperdown Playgroup

Offers an opportunity for mums and kids to catch up and make new friends. Held at the 3 year old Kindergarten in Camperdown. The children have a wonderful range of toys to play with. Guests often are arranged to educate children such as visits from the CFA and local outings to the parks.

Cobden Playgroup

Playtime for kids while the mums get a chance to catch up too. Sessions are held at the Cobden District Health Service (CDHS) where the children have a great selection of toys and play areas to entertain themselves.

Mum & Bub Exercise Class by Nick Hose Fitness (Camperdown)

This class is run by a qualified instructor and mum. The class is specifically designed for women who have recently had a baby. Strengthen those muscles after the transformation your body takes after having a baby. You must have a doctors clearance after your 6 week check-up. Baby can sleep or exercise with you. The instructor teaches you how to exercise with your baby.

Camperdown Toy Library

Is a parent run, not for profit organisation. The toy library provides quality fun & educational toys to children aged 0-5 years. Toys form an integral part in learning and are a great way to spend time together.
Quality toys are expensive and children quickly become bored with a toy once its play value has been exhausted.

By providing new toys every fortnight or month, parents can save money and more importantly can significantly contribute toward the development and education of their children.

Camperdown Regional Library

Providing access to collections and services that encourage a life enriched by reading, learning and engagement in the community. Services include Story-time and Rhyme-time sessions specially selected for 3-5 year olds and their parents or carers. Stories are read by experienced, enthusiastic staff or guest storytellers. 

Terang Library

Story time and Rhyme time sessions are held each week for children by enthusiastic staff. Look out for school holiday activities also held at the Library. It has a huge collection of books and toys for your children to play with while they visit.

Terang Area Playgroup

Is founded by like-minded people to create and host play sessions for pre school children on a weekly basis, whilst also creating a cuppa and chat time for parents to share time. A time of socialisation for all.

Buckle My Shoe Child Care (Terang)

Early learning and care for children aged 0-5 years old.

The Sisters & Glenormiston Mobile Child Care (Terang area)

Mobile child care service call 0428 380 678

Cobden Public Library

Your local haven for inspiration and information. Story time sessions are held each month for children by enthusiastic staff or guest storytellers. The library has a huge collection of books and toys for your children to play with while they visit.

Cobden District Health Service

Mum and Bub Exercise class runs on a Thursday 9.30am at the Cobden District Health Service. Exercise with your baby. Toddlers are welcome to join in too. Baby can sleep or participate. Your must have a doctors clearance at your 6 week check up. Run by a qualified instructor.

Massager available, qualified in pregnancy, post pregnancy and infant massage. Health professionals have suggested infants who are unsettled may benefit from massage from a qualified infant massager.

Rodney Grove Aquatic Centre (Cobden)

This complex located in Cobden comprises of a 12m x 8m warm water pool for various exercise and Learn to Swim programs. Where your child’s water education begins in a fun, supporting and relaxed environment. Teaching from 6mths to Adults.

Tarrangaua Swim School (Terang area)

Learn to swim or develop your strokes in a fun, relaxed and positive environment. Taking all ages from 6mths to adults. Located Terang Victoria.

Support services – during & after pregnancy & parenting

A reminder that one of the most important resource to you, is your Pharmacist, Midwife and Doctor for professional advice. 

Maternal & Child Health Nurse (MCHN)

The MCHN is often the first service you come into contact with after bringing your baby home. It focuses on health and development including physical, social and emotional issues that affect young children and their families. This is also how a mothers group is usually formed for first time mums. Mothers groups for first time mums, I believe are so important.

If you are remotely like me, I had no clue about anything and to talk to someone going through a similar experience was very reassuring.

Antenatal Classes – Provided by Midwives (Camperdown)

Antenatal classes are held at the Camperdown Hospital, and are one of the many services offered to maternity patients and their support partners. Classes typically start when you are 30-35 weeks pregnant

Class focus areas are: Issues related to Pregnancy, Labour, Birthing, Breastfeeding.

Corangamite New Mums – Closed Facebook group

This group is focused on first time mums who have not yet developed relationships or connections with other local mums in the area. It is also helpful if you are new to the area and are looking for support from other mums.  Engage and get the opportunity to meet mums with similar aged children to your own.  A new group is created each year (July – June). To join the group, visit here and request to join. To join, you MUST be a new mum in the Corangamite area. The more specific/relevant the group, the better resource it is for you. This year (2015/2016) is the first year we are running this group so we are excited to see how it goes!

Perinatal Emotional Health Program

Based in Warrnambool and surrounding areas, the Perinatal Emotional Health Program is a service supporting the well-being of women, partners and families. Many expectant and new parents are surprised to feel a range of ambivalent emotions and feelings. Love. Pride. Worry. Amazement. Anxiety. Surprise. Joy. Fear. Fatigue. It’s important to remember you are not alone in your feelings and that help is available to you.

Corangamire New Mums – Secret Facebook Group

This group is for new mums who have just had a baby in the Corangamite area. A new group will be created for each year to keep the group specific to new mums and having a group with similar aged children so mums can better relate. To join the secret group fffddffd children with similar ages to better relate to each other.

Hand in Hand Parenting with Skye Munro

Skye Munro, certified instructed at Hand in Hand, their mission is to support parents with the insights, skills and tools necessary to build the meaningful connections that parents and children need to thrive.

Thier vision is a world of warm, loving families where parents are well supported and responsive to the needs, fears, hopes and dreams of their children. Well-supported parents are natural leaders within their families and their communities. And because they truly understand how to listen and connect with their children, they will raise a generation of involved, creative, visionary problem solvers who will transform the world.

Based in Port Campbell, Victoria.

Infant Feeding Support Service

Weather you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding South West Healthcare offer free appointments with a lactation consultant to help families achieve their infant feeding goals. They are here to advise on prenatal education and support, premature babies, feeding multiples, positioning and attachment, sleep and settling, low milk supply, colic, crying and unsettled babies and more.

Manifold Place Community Centre 

Pilates exercise programs are available to help improve your fitness after birth. Please ensure you have doctors clearance at your 6 week check up.

Family Councillor Services are available for support and advice on your family situation. Please call Manifold Place for further information and services offered on 5593 1892.

Terang Early Parenting Day Stay Program

The service aims to increase your parenting confidence and help manage the parenting issues you are experiencing. The Centre covers common parenting difficulties such as feeding, unsettled/irritable infants, Infant/toddler sleeping problems, uncertainty with parenting issues, challenging toddler behaviour, parent fatigue, postnatal anxiety and depression.


The program and service guide was created in conjunction with the Mums Goodie Bag that is handed to expectant mums at their midwifery appointment at the Camperdown hospital.

Did you find this post helpful? Anything we didn’t include that you’d like to see? I would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to use Facebook comments or the contact form below.

Thanks Jess x


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    It's Jess, your go-to newborn photographer, and today let's chat about one of those adorable quirks that often steal the spotlight during our newborn sessions – hiccups!


    Ever wondered why those tiny, hiccupping symphonies happen? Well, fear not; I've got the inside scoop for you!


    Warrnambool Newborn Photography


    1. Baby's Superpower: Developing Diaphragm

    Newborns are like little superheroes in training, and their hiccups are a sign that their diaphragm, the muscle responsible for breathing, is flexing and getting stronger. It's like their own mini gym session, preparing them for those hearty belly laughs and future superhero feats.



    2. Gastrointestinal Adventure

    Sometimes, those cute hiccups are just a part of your baby's digestive journey. Their tiny tummies are navigating the ins and outs of processing milk, and hiccups can be a natural outcome of this gastrointestinal adventure.



    3. The Learning Curve

    Just like we stumble while learning to walk, newborns might hiccup as they figure out the whole breathing-and-swallowing coordination dance. It's all part of the learning curve, and trust me, they'll be mastering it like pros in no time!



    4. The Calming Effect

    Believe it or not, hiccups can actually have a calming effect on your little one. It's like a rhythmic lullaby, creating a soothing pattern that might even help them drift off to sleep. Ah, the magic of baby hiccups!

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    Common Questions about hiccups:


    How do I stop my baby's hiccups?

    To ease your baby's hiccups, try gentle burping, offering a pacifier, or letting them suck on a small feed. Patience is key; hiccups often resolve on their own.


    Do hiccups mean the baby is OK?

    Yes, hiccups are usually harmless and common in newborns. They often signify a developing nervous system and are not typically a cause for concern.


    Why does my baby hiccup for no reason?

    Newborns hiccup frequently, and sometimes seemingly without cause. It's a normal part of their development, linked to the maturation of the diaphragm and respiratory system.


    What is the purpose of hiccups in infants?

    Hiccups in infants serve a developmental purpose, helping to strengthen the diaphragm and respiratory muscles. While their exact function isn't fully understood, they're considered a natural part of a baby's growth.


    Should you sit the baby up with hiccups?

    While it's not necessary, you can try holding your baby upright or allowing them to suck on a pacifier. However, most hiccups will resolve on their own without intervention.


    How long should newborn hiccups last?

    Newborn hiccups are typically short-lived and can last anywhere from a few minutes to around 20 minutes. If they persist for longer periods, it's always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician.


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