Camperdown Family Photographer

Hanging with the most important people in your life

It’s what we all aim to do in our spare time, hanging out with our faves. To actually see your family loving each other in images, it’s inspiring to make you fall even more in love with them.  For an hour at least, forget about how rushed your life is, and take the time to care about nothing other than enjoying each others company. Those 50 jobs you have floating around in your brain can wait another day. Hopefully some of those jobs will have even been forgotten.

Come and be yourself and let me show you how awesome your family is. After all there’s no other family like yours. See our Families page for more info.  Jess x

Camperdown Family Photographer


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    I'm Jessica Van Den Berghe, a small-town

    Camperdown girl with big dreams.
    I'm hooked on Netflix, in-door plants, candles and crispy pork crackling with apple sauce.


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